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Do you have a product idea that you would like to develop or are looking for one you cannot find in the marketplace? For over 28 years, Shepard Medical Products has worked with companies to analyze needs, create specifications, and develop proprietary products.
Shepard Medical Products has a wide variety of sources for manufacturing of products in many industries, including health and medical, office supplies, (add content) and more. Let Shepard find a source for your needs.
Shepard has a long history of manufacturing high quality products in the Pacific Rim and is the experienced partner or provider for the success of your next project. Shepard’s history of manufacturing in the medical industry includes knowledge and compliance to FDA regulations.
Do you need packaging for your new product line? Shepard Medical Products has developed specialty brand packaging as well as enhanced existing product designs both overseas and domestically in the USA.
Sourcing overseas can be daunting when it comes to shipping. Shepard provides door-to-door delivery options with reliable logistics partners with decades of successful overseas shipping.
Whether in the US or overseas, Shepard can store products for a short season or over extended time. MORE >>

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Why Shepard?

Since 1986, Shepard Medical Products has been committed to providing the highest quality latex and synthetic gloves that exceed regulatory standards throughout the world.

Shepard’s commitment is to our pharmacy customers and our wholesale partners to find solutions that meet their customer’s needs.

Shepard Medical’s gloves exceed ASTM standards.

Shepard Medical Products’ proprietary and star product Vytrile™ is our unique, trademarked, outstanding synthetic glove, a superior yet affordable latex alternative.

In addition to gloves, Shepard Medical Products produces an expanded line of infection protection products including N95 masks, patient care masks, disinfectant gels and wipes.

The founder and CEO of Shepard Medical Products has been producing infection protection products for over 30 years.