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The Preferred Brand of Healthcare Professionals

CareMates Medical Examination Gloves include a full line of natural and synthetic gloves, manufactured to the highest standards. CareMates manufactures proprietary products like our revolutionary Vytrile gloves, a safe, new synthetic that is an excellent latex alternative, and Anti-Microbial gloves that retard the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria.


CareMates gloves are of the highest quality:

  • Exceed all ASTM standards for Medical Gloves
  • Meet French Norm Standards
  • All CareMates gloves are tested and passed by FDA certified labs 
  • Packaged by count, not weight, assuring accurate counts
  • Flat-packed to assure easier dispensing of gloves from box
  • Available in a variety of materials, powdered and powder-free

All CareMates gloves are tested by FDA certified labs to exceed ASTM standards for infection control. Choosing the right glove has never been easier with our full line of natural and synthetic gloves. It's no wonder they are the preferred brand of healthcare professionals.

Vytrile Gloves Nitrile Gloves Latex Gloves Vinyl Gloves





    Revolutionary new synthetic material without viral penetration.
    Textured, latex-free and resistant to petroleum-based products.
    The most trusted material on the market. Consistent fit, flexible, resilient.
    The best choice for value. Latex-free and multi-purpose.