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Vytrile Medical Examination Gloves

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CareMates Vytrile is an Exclusive, Trademarked Synthetic Glove
at Vinyl Pricing Levels

Additional information for CAREMATES VYTRILE:

CareMates VYTRILE-100ct 3D 1-9-2020 RGB 8x8.jpg

CareMates Vytrile Exam Gloves 100ct

CAREMATES VYTRILE 50ct 3D 6-9-2020 RGB 8x8.jpg

CareMates Vytrile Exam Gloves 50ct

CareMates Vytrile Examination Gloves

Use CareMates Vytrile for First Aid, Health Care, Immunization, Baby Care, Diabetes Care, Pet Care, Food Handling, and All General Healthcare Needs

  • Superior replacement for Vinyl gloves

  • 3X stronger than Vinyl gloves

  • 0% Viral Penetration (as per EU PPER requirements)

  • 0% Alcohol Permeation

  • Powder free, Latex free, Pthalate free

  • Use for flu shots and other immunizations

  • Use for most general health care needs

  • Exceeds ASTM D5250 Standard for Vinyl Gloves

  • Soft, flexible, comfortable fit

  • Available in sizes Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

  • Available in 100, 50 and 10-count boxes

vytrile vs vinyl graphic.jpg

CareMates Vytrile Exam Gloves 10ct

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