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  • Beth Peterson

Shepard's UltiMates High Risk Nitrile Examination Gloves Protect from Xylazine, as Well as Fentanyl and 15 Chemotherapy Drugs

Shepard Medical Products announced today that their popular UltiMates Nitrile Examination Gloves have been tested for Xylazine in addition to Fentanyl and 15 chemotherapy drugs per ASTM D6978. UlitMates Nitrile are now are safe from 15 chemotherapy drugs, Fentanyl and Xylazine. UltiMates Nitrile gloves also have 0% viral penetration, 0% alcohol permeation, and have extended cuffs (11.6") and are 8mil thick. These gloves are perfect for use by first responders, police/fire departments, chemotherapy clinics, and for first aid and home health care.


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